Winter Season brings heavy burden to Montreal.

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the winter’s best activities became deadly late last week, when a Montreal man was buried alive in a snow fort he built outside his home in Chamblay last Friday.

Last Friday Yan Lavallière, 26, died when the snow fort he built in his backyard collapsed. According to a local neighbour who witnessed the entire event unfold, they said that they watched the younger son try and dig him out and quickly rushed over to help. Within a couple minutes, they dug Lavallière out but he was not breathing.

Building snow forts in your backyard or a friend’s backyard is an activity that every child takes part in when it snows, it’s one of the best childhood memories I have in the winter season. But it is absolutely terrifying to consider how lucky children are to not have this happen to them. Despite the odds of this happening in recent times, are not too high, it is a risk that every child and family take when allowing these forts to be built.                                                                                                                                                                      Photo taken from CBC.CA

The last few weeks all of Eastern Canada including Ontario and Quebec has been experiencing unusual weather patterns. It fluctuates from heavy snow and cold temperatures, to rain and mild weather. This fluctuation is a huge concern for local police, who are all issuing warnings to all citizens when playing with snow or even just walking outside. This is what the police were indicating was the cause of the heavy being so heavy on Lavallière, because of the moisture the snow becomes very heavy and thick.  Quebec authorities cautioned that with heavy snow being in the forecast for the next few days that parents should be extra vigilant and take extra precautions when dealing with snow forts and igloos. They mentioned that if you do build a fort, make sure it has at least several exists.

Although what makes this particular issue worse is where Lavallière built his fort, he built it between two sheds, which made it quite difficult to escape and ultimately led to his death. These events really hits home with practically anybody and everybody, most people can recall some sort of memory in the winter time with self built igloos.

The most unbelievably incredible event occured in Longueil, Quebec this week  when a seven year old boy was buried alive by a snowplow and survived! Although  the snowplow driver did not see the small boy  playing he continued to dump over  four feet of snow on top of him. His disappearance was noticed and although he was  no where to be found. After a frantic search, neighbours spotted him and was  immediately rushed to hospital. He was released a few hours later and his now in  good condition.

Photo Taken from CTV.CA

Miraculously, the boy survived three hours buried alive, when a  grown man died after a few minutes of being trapped on a collapsed fort. It is clear  that the young boy had some sort of guardian angel or a horseshoe in his pocket.

The winter havoc appears to have no end as  today four people were killed in an accident in ST-Victor, Quebec from a collision of two vehicles. Although because this accident is so immediate, it is still too early to determine the actual cause of the accident, but the weather was pretty bad from snowy conditions.

Let us hope that this is the end of the dangerous winter season, and that spring could not come any faster. Stay safe out there in the Igloos Canadians.


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