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The streets of downtown Toronto were filled with a sea of officers from all over        Canada, all gathering to celebrate the life of Toronto Police Sergent Ryan Russell of    the 52 Division.
This afternoon the funeral for Sgt. Russell took place at the  Toronto Convention Center, where hundreds of police officers from all over Canada and other countries came to pay their respects to the officer who had given his life    in the  line of duty.
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In the early hours of the morning of January 12, a Toronto man high-jacked a    local snowplow and took it on a joy ride throughout the downtown core of Toronto.  Sgt. Ryan Russell lost his life in attempts to stop the rogue driver.

The tragic dispute ended in a shoot off where the officers stopped the driver, leaving him in the hospital with serious injuries.

Times like these remind us of how truly lucky we are as citizens of this province and country, knowing that we have great men and women like Sgt. Ryan Russell to protect and guard us from people within our society or outside of it.

Christine Russell the wife of Sgt. Russell, showed her courage in essence to thank not only everyone in the Toronto Convention Center this afternoon, but all officers and all Canadians for the support she has received as of late. She wanted to speak on behalf of all wives of officers and as a Canadian citizen to make note of the hard work that not only her husband has done to protect the citizens of Toronto, but all officers.

This issue affects all Canadians, for it is through harsh times like these citizens of Canada get together and celebrate and appreciate the men and women who risk their lives everyday so that we may live freely and at peace.

Below is link to a few videos taken from the memorial service held this afternoon in downtown Toronto. Additionally, there are videos of news and feature stories that were created on behalf of these most trying of times.


CBC News had wrote a story on the releasing of the 44 year old Toronto Man charged with the murder of Sgt. Ryan Russell from St. Michael’s Hospital.
Thank you Sgt. Ryan Russell for giving your life to act as a guardian for the city of Toronto, you represent a larger symbol in our society and we honour you for that.
Today, and in the recent days following this horrific event, it must be noted that the Canadian Mainstream Media had done a terrific job in covering this issue.
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