Documentary: “Outfoxed”

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you are like me, and do not really understand or you are not familiar with the Fox News Network.

Then I suggest you watch this hour and a half documentary on Fox News. I guarantee your opinion of them after you watch it will not be the same.

This documentary was shown in my journalism media class last semester, it was very interesting and I honestly could not believe that they call this actual journalism practice. Their slogan is ironic.. Don’t miss that.

Check it out:



Your Media Watchdog


Hello everybody and welcome to the Mainstream Media Watchdog

Here I will be investigating whether or not the Mainstream Media is fair and balanced. I will be investigating broadcast news mediums from all around the world.  I will be mainly looking at Fair and balanced networks against their unbalanced and bias counterparts. Will be focusing on the FOX NEWS NETWORK In the United States, as well as The Canadian Broadcast Corporation in Canada. The Al Jazeera Network In Iraq.
Will be looking at audiences these broadcast companies are writing and broadcasting for. Whether or not these companies are fair and balanced. In order to do so, I will be posting videos from broadcasts, linking other blogs from these companies.

Since I am a journalism student, I have learned that objectivity, neutrality and balanced reporting is at the core of journalism.

Another question I will be investigating is:

Should a global ethics of journalism be implemented for all journalism concentrations around the world?

If I have caught your interest.. you haven’t seen anything yet.
I guarantee you will be astonished and shocked to see how one sided journalists can be.


Your Media Watchdog.