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This past December was the one year anniversary of the death of Canadian journalist Michelle Lang.
Michelle Lang was a reporter for the Calgary Herald, when her armoured vehicle that contained four other Canadian soldiers was hit by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan on December 30, 2009.

A year later, the death of Lang still remains an “open wound” in the newsroom of
the Calgary Hereld. Not only because Lang was a fellow reporter, but also because
she represents the first Canadian journalist to be killed in Afghanastan.
According to Lorne Motley, the managing editor of the Calgary Herald, the newspaper has made a decision to not allow anymore of their journalists and reporters to be sent over to Afghanistan .                                                                (Photo of Michelle Lang in Afghanistan)

While it is clear that the removal of journalists from events occuring overseas has consequences, it is obvious that the consequences of allowing journalists to go there can be much worse, and debts could be paid in blood.                                                                                                                                               

The tragic death of Reporter Lang may be the first death of a Canadian journalist in Afghanistan to this date, but I fear it definitely will not be the last.  This may have an effect for future reporters and free lance journalists to be sent overseas. 
In my current studies of journalism I have learned that journalists who have embedded themselves with the Canadian forces, on their military bases, (not only Canadian journalists but all journalists) may be susceptible to slanted reporting. But unfortunately, these are the measures that need to be taken for the safety of the journalist.

Now, I have learned that  Herald Reporter Lang,  was not one of the common embedded reporters, for she went overseas with the intention to report on stories that she felt were being silenced, and untold by journalists from all over the world, who are reporting in Afghanistan.

 Below are a few links to blogs and articles written by reporters from the Calgary Herald, in memorial for their fallen employee.

Remembering Michelle Lang

Unfortunately this is not the first time a journalist has been killed during the war on terror. The initial report below, was the original article written by the Calgary Herald following the explosion that occured in Kandahar airfield, Afghanistan, including the death of one of their own. According to the article, the device that killed the Herald  reporter and 4 other Canadian soldiers was deliberately placed in an underground tunnel under the road.

Massive explosion killed Canadian journalists, four soliders

As much as I would like to have Canadian journalists and other worldly journalists abroad convering the War on Terror, as well as how much I myself, would love to go and report in Afghanistan. I feel that times like these, when we see the price that is paid to have readily and instant information, I feel that lives, being Canadian, Iraqi, American, British etc., I feel that no life is worth it.

–(Photo of Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan taken from The Calgary Herald).


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